D&H Corporate Publications


A Century of Progress: History of The Delaware and Hudson Company 1823-1923

Publisher: by the D&H © 1925

Here the D&H published their own company history. The text is fairly good, though sometimes blander than the facts would have warranted. (i.e. the Erie/Belden Tunnel battle). The maps are useful, but the photographs are reproduced in a very small format. They're still big enough to be useful. The one of the freight house at Mechanicville shows that the Walther's Water Street Freight Depot was based on a very similar structure - John Nehrich of the RPI club says the prototype was actually the D&H freight house in Scranton. This book has long been out of print, but you may find a copy in a very good library. (Harvard's copy was given to the university by Leonor F. Loree himself!)


Official FREIGHT SHIPPERS' GUIDE and INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY of The Delaware and Hudson Company


Edited by: Warwick S Carpenter

This book was published in 1922 by the Delaware and Hudson Company.  This issue is very rare. 

Annual Inspections of Lines

Each year, the D&H produced a hardbound "Annual Inspection of Lines" detailing a different portion of the railroad for the board members and principal stock holders. This provides a wonderful look back at what the Delaware and Hudson was during this time in history. Several of these reports have been reprinted and those reprints are shown below along with the original where one was available for scanning. If you know of any of these issues We would like to at least be able to scan the cover for our records.


1922 - Signaling

We would like to find an original copy.  This is photocopy. 

1923 - Unknown


1924 - Coal and Water Facilities

We would like to find an original copy. This is photocopy. 


1925 - Grade Crossing Elimination


1926 - Motive Power on the Delaware and Hudson


1927 & REPRINT of 1927 -
Freight, Passenger and Work Equipment Development: The First 100 Years 

Society of Freight Car Historians © 1989


This Monograph is a reprint of a book originally published by the Delaware and Hudson entitled "Passenger, Freight and Work Equipment on the Delaware and Hudson" date June 5, 1927.  It presents an excellent first hand account of the early rolling stock during the first Century of out Nation's railroad history.


1928 - Exact Reprint of 1928 Passenger and Freight Stations


Originally published by the D&H for its Annual Inspection of Lines in June 1928, the book lists each station served by the D&H and includes a brief history of each stop and photographs of each station building used to serve that community. Long out of print and very highly sought, this reprint is a faithful reproduction of the original book, hardbound with colored covers, over 350 pages with gold foil stamping, and over 250 photographs of D&H passenger and freight stations.

The Bridge Line Historical Society announces a limited-edition reprint of the Delaware and Hudson Company's June 1928 classic book. The print run is strictly limited to 500 copies. Each copy will be numbered within the series. 


1929 - Transportation

1930 - The STEAMBOATS OF LAKE CHAMPLAIN 1809 to 1930

by Ogden J. Ross

Reprinted by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum Gateway Store



1931 - Industry Sampler
The Delaware and Hudson Railroad Corp.

Reprinted by NEB&W Green Dot Press


This is a reprint of the "1931 Annual Inspection of Lines, Industrial Development" and contains a wonderful collection of Industrial photographs compiled by the D&H showing a sample of the industries serviced by the D&H. It is a wonderful time capsule of the those industries when no one was taking such pictures. This book would help any modeler trying to decide what industries to add to their layout.


1932 - The STEAMBOATS OF LAKE GEORGE 1817 to 1932

by Ogden J. Ross


1933 - Stores Department: Delaware and Hudson



by J. R. Linney


1935 - Grade Crossing Elimination and Signaling on the Delaware and Hudson


1936 - Motive Power, Passenger, Freight and Work Equipment 1926-1936: Delaware and Hudson

1937 - Railway and Track: Delaware and Hudson


1941 - Railroadians of America, Book No. 3: An Illustrated Record of the Motive Power and Growth of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad 

Published by the Railroadians of America, New York 1941.  

Editor: Walter A Lucas 
Format: Softcover, 128 pages

Originally printed in two books published by the company entitled: Motive Power on the Delaware and Hudson, The Delaware and Hudson Company, Board of Managers, Inspection of Lines, June 10th to June 13th, 1926 and Motive Power, Passenger Freight, and Work Equipment 1926-1936, The Delaware and Hudson Company, Board of Directors, Inspection of Lines, June 4th to June 7th, 1936. 


1944 - Mining and Preparation of Anthracite

Copyright ©1944, The Hudson Coal Company

This is a pamphlet, produced by the Hudson Coal Company as an advertising brochure for D&H Anthracite Coal, has a treasure trove of black and white photographs covering all aspects of mining, preparation and transportation of the very material so key to the formation of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company and later the Delaware and Hudson Railroad.  Pictures include the six collierys used to break, clean and size anthracite coal and mine engines and mining techniques. 


D&H Annual Report for 1947: Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Founding of The Delaware and Hudson Company

A wonderfully prepared report with a forward of the company's history and general report on the health of the railroad.  Includes normal financial statement which gives a snap-shot into the finances of the Delaware and Hudson during one of its most profitable years.  


The Adirondacks: Lake George & Lake Champlain

circa 1915

This is a 16 page black and white pamphlet with many scenic photographs describing the joys of vacationing at either Lake George or Lake Champlain.  And how would one expect to get to either destination?  On the Delaware and Hudson Railroad of course!


The Delaware and Hudson Railroad Bulletin
Volume II No. 1 - January 1, 1934

The D&H published a semi-monthly newsletter "for the information of the men who operate the railroad, in the belief that mutual understanding of the problem we all have to meet will help us to solve them for our mutual welfare."  These original "Bulletin's" have stories of everyday life on the railroad along with health tips, and general information, much as our own "Bulletin".

The Delaware and Hudson Railroad, Corp. 1951 Statement of Carload Shipments Prepared by Traffic Department, Albany, NY 

Reprinted 1989 by The NEB&W Green Dot Press

Statement of Carload Shipments Received at and Forwarded from D.& H. Stations, showing Names of Receivers and Shippers, and Nature of Business. Also showing Total Tonnage of Less than Carload Freight Received at and Forwarded from Each Station. The figures do not Include Through Less than Carload Freight Transferred. Figures are Also Shown Separately for the Greenwich and Johnsonville Railway. 

The Delaware & Hudson Railroad Corp., Timetable No. 24, April 30, 1950 

The Delaware and Hudson Railroad Corp.
Reprinted by NEB&W Green Dot Press 

Rensselaer Model Railroad's MILK TRAIN Data Pack

by John Nehrich

Printed by NEB&W Green Dot Press

History, Equipment & Rosters, GPEX Roster of Known Lessees, Operations and Creameries on the Rutland RR, Consist Summary and Sample Consists of Rutland RR Milk Trains, Milk Trains to New York City, List of Cars Shipped to and From D&H Creameries, Operations on the Delaware and Hudson RR, Traffic from Selected Creameries, Model Operations. 

Rensselaer Model Railroad's Berkshire Blab, January 1992

Printed by NEB&W Green Dot Press

Includes D&H and NEB&W Passenger Train Consists