ALCo PA-1 / PA-4

Obtained from the Santa Fe in December of 1967 and painted in a blue version of the Santa Fe’s "Warbonnet" scheme, the four famous ALCo PA-1s were used to upgrade the power on passenger trains between Albany and Montreal. The D&H owned a fifth PA, the ex-New Haven #0783, which was used for spare parts. 

D&H PAs #17, #18, and #19 pull an excursion in 1973. Walter Schopp photo, The Garbely Publishing Company collection

The PAs later became part of a preservation project under the guidance of Carl B. Sterzing, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of the Delaware & Hudson. The four operable PAs were rebuilt by Morrison-Knudsen in 1975 to PA-4 specifications, with newer ALCo 12-cylinder 251 prime movers replacing their older 16-cylinder blocks. Along with occasional freight duties, they participated in public relations ventures and railfan trips until the end of Mr. Sterzing's tenure, including a sojourn with the MBTA pulling passenger trains out of South Station in Boston. They were later shipped to Mexico on a long-term lease in 1978. The #17 is still in working order with the FNM (Ferrocarilles del Pacifico) and numbered DH-17.

The #16 was named M. A. Davis (Chief Road Foreman) and #18 was named G. W. Hockaday (Chief Mechanical Engineer).

* These units were outfitted with a steam generator for passenger service.

Delaware & Hudson Railway
ALCo PA-1 / PA-4 Roster (Class P-20)
16*PA-1ALCo7653510/1948sold 1978Built as AT&SF #59L, acquired 12/1967, rebuilt by M-K to PA-4 in 5/1975, sold to FNMLink
17*PA-1ALCo7653511/1948sold 1978Built as AT&SF #60L, acquired 12/1967, rebuilt by M-K to PA-4 in 10/1975, sold to FNMLink
18*PA-1ALCo7653512/1948sold 1978Built as AT&SF #62L, acquired 12/1967, rebuilt by M-K to PA-4 in 8/1975, sold to FNMLink
19*PA-1ALCo765355/1947sold 1978Built as AT&SF #54B (renumbered #66L), acquired 12/1967, rebuilt by M-K to PA-4 in 2/1975, sold to FNM
0783PA-1ALCo763253/1949scrap 1972Built as NH #0783, acquired 2/1968, used for parts
ALCo PA-1 / PA-4 Data
Engine16-cylinder 24412-cylinder 251F
Truck TypeALCo/GEALCo/GE
Fuel (gals.)1,2601,260
Sand (cu. ft.)2222
Weight (lbs.)317,900317,900
Horsepower2000 hp2400 hp
Traction MotorsGE E752E6GE E752E6
Tractive Effort33,000 lbs. @ 19 mph33,000 lbs. @ 19 mph

D&H 16 and 18
Two of Delaware and Hudson's famous Alco PA's (#16 & #18) lead the southbound Adirondack through Mechanicville, NY on February 14th, 1976. Photo by Gary Zuters, copyright 1976,1995, all rights reserved. Scan by John Reay.

D&H 17
An interesting feature of Delaware and Hudson's PA #17 is the different grill work behind the cab. Originally the unit had the same trim and grill work as the other units, but shortly before the unit was sold to the D&H, Santa Fe modified it to match newer PA-2's.

D&H 18
D&H PA-1 #18 at Colonie, before rebuilding at M-K. Jay Winn collection