These locomotives were originally numbered #301-316, but were later renumbered #2301-2316. These were the first U23Bs ever built, and were the only ones with radiator fairings. The U23Bs were factory built with the nose Gyralite signal light.

#2312 was repainted as #1776 for the Bicentenary and named “E.W. McCrea.”

#2311 was painted in an all grey scheme (the only D&H loco to be so painted) with a blue lightning stripe, known by railfans as the "'Grey Ghost."

All locos went to Guilford for the Maine Central. For some time, they retained their D&H paint scheme, but with MEC logos.

D&H U23B #2312 on the Preamble Express in Pittsburgh, PA on July 18, 1974. Jay Winn collection

Delaware & Hudson Railway
GE U23B Roster (Class GRF-23)
2301U23BGE368038/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #301
2302U23BGE368048/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #302
2303U23BGE368058/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #303
2304U23BGE368068/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #304Link
2305U23BGE368078/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #305
2306U23BGE368088/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #306
2307U23BGE368098/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #307
2308U23BGE368108/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #308
2309U23BGE368119/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #309
2310U23BGE368129/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #310
2311U23BGE368139/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #311. Later painted in "Grey Ghost" scheme.Link
U23BGE368149/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #312. Painted in 1975 for Bicentennial and renumbered to #1776. Later renumbered back to #2312.Link
2313U23BGE368159/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #313
2314U23BGE368169/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #314
2315U23BGE368179/1968scrap 1971Built as D&H #315
2316U23BGE368189/1968sold 6/1983Built as D&H #316
GE U23B Data
Engine12-cylinder FDL
Truck TypeAAR Type B
Fuel (gals.)3,000
Sand (cu. ft.)60
Weight (lbs.)242,000
Horsepower2,250 hp
Traction MotorsGE 752
Tractive Effort

D&H 2304
D&H #2304 shows the final paint scheme before the Guilford takeover. This locomotive is shown at Mechanicville, NY in October 1982. Bill Mischler photo

D&H 2311
Know by railfans as the 'Grey Ghost', at a time when the predominant color in the D&H was blue, someone decided to use the surplus grey paint at Colonie, and #2311 is the result. At Oneonta, NY in October 1981.  Bill Mischler photo

D&H 2312 (1776)
One of the D&H contributions to the American Bicentennial was the unit #1776, shown here on the ready track at Rouses Point, NY in June of 1975. The U23B was delivered as #2312 and later renumbered to 1776 for the bicentennial. It was later renumbered back to its original number. Photograph by John W. Cook