#701-706, the original order of six units, were delivered with the late U28C body style, while the remainder were delivered as "Phase II" locomotives with extended radiator and angled fairing from the body to the front of the radiator. #703 was named “Walter E. Zeh.”

Most, if not all, of the U30Cs were retrofitted with Gyralites by the D&H. The electrical prints for the U30Cs were modified with the Gyralite in 1971, and the modifications were carried out on through late 1974 and early 1975. Since the U30Cs were ready for major overhauls during this period, they received the lights.

All went to NdeM in 1978.

Delaware & Hudson Railway
GE U30C Roster (Class GRF-30)
701U30CGE362323/1967sold 11/1978
702U30CGE362333/1967sold 11/1978
703U30CGE362343/1967sold 11/1978named "Walter E. Zeh"
704U30CGE362353/1967sold 11/1978
705U30CGE362363/1967sold 11/1978
706U30CGE362373/1967sold 11/1978
707U30CGE3649312/1967sold 11/1978
708U30CGE3649412/1967sold 11/1978
709U30CGE3649512/1967sold 11/1978
710U30CGE3649612/1967sold 11/1978 Link
711U30CGE3649712/1967sold 11/1978
712U30CGE3649812/1967sold 11/1978
GE U30C Data
Engine16-cylinder FDL
Truck TypeAdirondack or
General Steel Castings (GSC)
Fuel (gals.)3,000
Sand (cu. ft.)60
Weight (lbs.)390,438
Horsepower3,000 hp
Traction MotorsGE 752
Tractive Effort120,000 lbs.

D&H 710
Unit #710, one of the "phase 2" group of GE U30Cs, shown at Mechanicville in April 1972. Bill Mischler photo