ALCo S-4

All S-4s were painted black with yellow lining/lettering, and all were off the roster by 1969. None were ever painted in the blue and grey lightning stripe livery.

Delaware & Hudson Railway
ALCo S-4 Roster (Class DES)
3033S-4ALCo780299/1950sold 6/1968 Link
3034S-4ALCo780309/1950sold 2/1966
3035S-4ALCo780319/1950sold 4/1969 Link
3036S-4ALCo780329/1950sold 3/1966Went to Green Mountain Railroad as their #303, resold to Claremont & Concord Railroad in 1984
3037S-4ALCo782319/1950sold 1/1969 Link
3038S-4ALCo782329/1950sold 6/1968
3039S-4ALCo782339/1950sold 2/1966 Link
3040S-4ALCo782349/1950scrap 11/1968
3041S-4ALCo782359/1950sold 8/1967
3042S-4ALCo782369/1950sold 11/1970
3043S-4ALCo782379/1950sold 3/1965
3044S-4ALCo782389/1950sold 11/1966
3045S-4ALCo7823910/1950sold 8/1967
3046S-4ALCo7824010/1950sold 11/1966
3047S-4ALCo7840610/1950sold 8/1967
3048S-4ALCo7840710/1950sold 5/1966
3049S-4ALCo7840810/1950sold 2/1966
3050S-4ALCo7840910/1950sold 10/1969Went to Green Mountain Railroad as their #305, resold to Bombardier plant in Barre, VT in 1984
ALCo S-4 Data
Engine6-cylinder 539T
Truck TypeAAR Type A
Fuel (gals.)635
Sand (cu. ft.)27
Weight (lbs.)230,000
Horsepower1500 hp
Traction MotorsGE 731
Tractive Effort69,000 lbs.

D&H 3033
Oneonta on Waterhouse track, near Main St. Overpass photographed by Al Chione, June 9, 1967. Tony D. Steele Collection.

D&H 3035
Photographer unknown

D&H 3037
Photographer unknown

D&H 3037
Photographer unknown

D&H 3039
Wilkes Barre, PA photographed by Al Chione, January 7, 1961. Tony D. Steele Collection.